Please be careful

Recently the @hamsaheaven Instagram page was hacked.  The hacker continues to have control of that account.  To date, I haven't been able to get the page back.  This being said, I plead with everyone that sees a post from the old account please do not give that hacker any money.  Although the old account has the new logo, which I know can be confusing ,it is not actually My Blissful Lotus but the old Hamsa Heaven account.  Please report any post you see to Instagram and report the account as fraudulent.  I would rather have that account taken down than anyone get hurt because they trusted the hacker thinking it was in fact a legitimate post.

I have opened a new account which is actually My Blissful Lotus @myblissfullotus.  I ask all of my customers to please follow this account as the previous one will no longer be connected to My Blissful Lotus.