Dai Ko Myo Reiki Incense (Musk Saffron)

  • $8.00

Dai Ko Myo in Reiki is the symbol for knowing and understanding.  This hand-rolled incense is for great enlightenment with musk saffron. Reiki is the universal life energy, spiritual consciousness and all knowing energy all around each of us everyday of our lives.  It is the breath, the life force of the vital radian energy.  This hand rolled masala incense comes from Goloka.  

Goloka Seva Trust is a charitable organization run by missionaries of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Bangalore in India.  Their mission is to offer the best quality perfumery products and to aid charitable activities.  Some of these activities are to provide mid-day meals to over 1.8 million children every school day.  As well as promote organic & bio-dynamic farming instrumental in training multiple self-help groups and providing them with market support.

Goloka brings to all the traditional Indian incense to promote well-being and alleviate ones mood to experience oneness with the divine self.  Light these specialty incense and experience bliss. There is no animal testing, child labour, environmentally friendly, recyclable box and enlightening for the body.