Flower of Life Crystal Grid-3"

  • $25.00

This wooden etched flower of life is the perfect crystal grid to set your intentions in your shavasana space or alter.  

What is a crystal grid?

An effective way to combine & focus the energy of your crystals in a specific manner to amplify the intention in a harmonious manner.  The grid is used to expand the power & energy of crystals in a very effective & wonderful manner.  The crystals work in conjunction with each other to fine tune the energy for a specific requirement.  The crystals focus the Universal Life Force in a very purposeful manner using sacred geometry.

Flower of Life: 

One of the most basic and sacred geometry shapes in life, in that it is based on the fruit of life & the seed of life.  It symbolizes that we are all united on a larger plane of existence.   We are all created from the same original blueprint of life and creation. It brings us back to our connection to our energetic body, our creative centre & our connection to the Universe at large. 

This 3" wooden grid is handmade and each one is individually different in its colour and depth of cuts.  Crystals are not included with any grid.